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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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non-disclose ur. >> motion. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> we memo -- memorialize, he was a true hero and a sanity -- saint to many. he was a great man and will be sorely missed. we want to adjourn in his honor. >> i move to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> we are adjourned. thank you very much. >> >>
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county of transportation authority. a nooichldz jonah loss the chair of the transportation authority. today, we're clerked by erica chang and want to announce our sfgovtv staff jessie larson and
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bill dylan and thank our audience for attendance >> (calling names) commissioner breed. >> present. >> commissioner chu. >> chu present. >> chu present and farrell absent and commissioner mar and present and commissioner weaning. >> present. >> wiener present. >> we have quorum. >> we'll be moving up our closed session 10 item none 10 after item 4 human resources. >> item 2 approve the minutes this is an action item. >> colleagues, any questions on
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say minutes. >> any member of the public want to commit on our meeting notes seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we will have a roll call vote. >> (calling names) item passes. >> item passes investigated. you're next item >> chairman's report this is an informational item. >> good morning colleagues this pass month major milestones passed on major projects first, let me congratulate the caltrans authority on the east span on the new bridge.
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it's one ii sky to go at night i went a couple of weeks ago i was expressed looking at the old beauty there are. it's the last one to be retrofitting following the last earthquake and it promotes safety >> i'd like to thank the past and present commissioners because they also sit as by the way, authority commissioner david campos and supervisor wiener. following last weeks for the van necessary bus rapid trait project the mat mats names approved the project including the new station at valencia
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>> and another one is the anticipated permanently by the end of the year this will have the revenue revenues slated for 2018. we continued to make process to alert delivery to 20018 while showing roll out that the public can enjoy before the project to complete. i saw that staff had drbtd the monthly report on the van necessary project as well. i wanted to acknowledge commissioners breed and wiener for working with sfmta for reconfiguring the seats for a
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portion of the muni light rail fleet to provide a better solution for crowding and thank you for working on the fillmore pass in recorrecting the community. switching focus to the southern part of how city last wednesday commissioner yee and i gave a report no, the balboa station grant and it is about the new affordable housing and the recent opening bus loop at the terminal. the authority has programmed over 2.7 million in grants and revenues for the project area. including the bus loop the
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future plaza and the affordable housing development and the pedestrian project that would conduct safer more access to the campus and the new plaza. sfmta the city staff are working closely to move the project forward at the ate complicated because it's on city college property. i'm hoping that a solution what precede concurrently with the design of the new plaza that is supposed to start at the end of 2013. i expect the board to enter into closed session in support of a new member and i expect the closed session to be brief. that conclusions my remarks.
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if we can have public comment on the item any member of the public wish to commit please come forward >> morning, commissioners i'm jackie socking i've been involved if the brt project. chairman avalos did you say they're to put a stop at the van ness >> that's what we talked about. >> are they going to do it? because of the simple reason when the third street project was brought up there was mission loop that was taken out of the
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original project completely but then at the last minute was put in i figured if they could put the mission loop back in there it can be done. >> thank you very much. >> because it was done before. >> any other member of the public who would like to commit seeing none, public comment is closed. next item >> item 4 director's report this is an informational item. >> good morning, commissioners you should have the report. and it was extremely busy two months but it's going to highlight a few things. i could repeat that but sadly politics continue to result in
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traffic jams no puns intended in terms of federal funding we don't have a federal budget it starts on october 1st nor do we have certainty that the resolutions will be in place to keep the same level of funding going. folks have tossed into the provisions trying to did he fund the president affordable care act but the real messing message is before a because there's no need to grapple with the funding at the federal government so that's going to the states and in san francisco we're taking our destiny into our own hands in terms of funds for transportation. in the regional and local level
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i'm pleased to announce the gov. board for caltrans has selected a california tarantula method and this is a good fit. the main difference with the approach is it compliance the elements of the scope. this is to remind you this is one of the k prop early investments in high rails terminating at the transit center. another piece of good news that should help with the projects in san francisco bay caltrans has made a great deal of progress in revising the highway state manual. it's sort of the go to book and
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it runs into challenges for places like san francisco where we have businesses like the 19th avenue cord and lombardy there will be revisions that allow the xamentsz and will greatly streamline the projects. this could allow us to put trees in the mediums to help beatify and we need to also accommodate bicyclists. we expect to have the revisions at the statewide level i want to thank caltrans and our staff and
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our interims. another front the construction the prompt project ramp is moving into construction that $77 million construction project will connect to the new bay bridge and if you get to look at it you'll see it's daunt. there's been close kwoshgs with caltrans. i want to commend our deputy manager and the team on holding doing a lot of outreach and holding a prebid contest we had a lot of developers competing and it dealt with contractors and that will be at the end of
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october. a couple announcements in terms of the input opportunities. the san francisco transportation plan and our early action plan is really how we're going to spend our propose k tax has kicked off with a discussion on our august citizens advisory meeting. we're going to host 3 open houses with the information on our website it's at october 2nd at the bay view opera house. we know that those meetings are not the way to reach everybody but we'll get 10 organizations to help out with that. we're going to a try other stuff and i want to thank supervisor
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avalos for that lending us his parking is that a. we promoted circling and gave information on the early action plan. continuing on the green transportation fund as you all know and i imagine many of you have tried out the bike share that's been launched. we don't have as nearly as we like but you can see the light colored blue bikes going around the city and we want to get this up to a total of 1 thousand bikes. we're going to do the best we can for more funding pr a couple of months ago we approved clean air funds to help secure
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additional bikes for san francisco. we feel like a larger amount of bikes to make it successful. we want to make it bigger abby that hadn't happened yet and many of our commissioners mary and avalos to get their district to approve on the addition of thirty new bikes that will be added to the spring 2014. lastly chair avalos asked us for a strategic report to look at long-term sustainable bike share system we plan on bringing the schedule to the october citizens adversities committee. i want to give you next a brilliant example of highway the
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city can put this into a complete street coordination so when we may have a street we're air-conditioned onto the bike a enhancement to minimize or realize cost efficiency. we approved a new transportation plan for the corridor and the dwp is going to repave that corridor in 2014. i want to thank staff and the sfmta and the community groups that were involved and everyone is working together to make sure that is widening sidewalks and lane changes to accommodate improvements through the focusness project. lastly, i want to say there's two more outreach public
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meetings at san francisco state conference center at 6:00 p.m. and there are other opportunities and the information f is on the website. the park study is looking revamping the - we'll have more information on that. with that, i conclude my remarks >> thank you very much for your remarks and i'm trying to think what's the most appropriate time to say this but this would be your last interim remarks and thank you so much for your work it's been a real pleasure to work with you and so see how
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your staff has looked up to you and it's been over 89 months and i think the city and this board needs to commend you. later in the meeting if you want to make some more comments we'll allow you to do that >> commissioner examining possess. >> i want to add to what you said when the prior executive director announced his departure i was chair at the time and it was really important for us to maintain continuity and i want to thank ms. lombardy for stepping stepping into this repeating role. the promise we made was for a
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very short period of time i think we were talking about three or four months and 9 months later you're still here but maintaining the stability of the agency and we couldn't be where we are without our leadership and it's greatly appreciated not only to you but to your family. it's greatly appreciated >> thank you commissioner campos. can we go to public comment on the interim public director's report. seeing none, we'll close public comment. now colleagues would like to call out of order item number ten >> item 10 closed session
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appointment chang for the county of transportation authority. this is an action item >> colleagues thank you for being here the authority board will enter into closed session as we move into the appointment of the executive director. ms. changing was the candidate and she holds a degree in economics with a minor from uc berkley and has over 19 years of public service and 16 years in transportation planning 5 years at the transport and 10 merchandise as the planning authority member. ms. chang lead the county of
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transportation plan in 2004 in support of the propose k local sapgs. she oversaw the planning program that includes the 25 year transportation blue print called the san francisco transportation plan. she oversaw the cities transportation plan and codi with many departments with the regional transportation plan and lastly spearheaded policies and this included congestion policies and station and corridor station studies and san francisco full featured bus rapid buzz projects. thank you mary and wiener and campos and others and on behalf of the board i want to
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congratulate ms. chang on her achievement. i look forward to working with you. and we'll go into closed session as the authorities new executive director and we'll not take too long and report any action reported in closed session and take any action required. so we can now get the room ready for closed session >> public comment. >> oh, yes, we should have public comment on our closed session so we're now opening is it up for - we'll open up inform public comment you can come to the podium.
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>> good morning again commissioners aim jackie i've known maria and gloria chang. i appreciate all the work that maria has done but i also worked with till lion the - for many years on the 5 year plan four-year plan being before you every few years. and i strongly support her as the executive director and i appreciate all the work that maria has done i know you're not going to be a stranger i know we'll see more of you interest
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thank you very much >> thank you and next speaker please. will - 0 do we have the other microphone? >> good morning. i just want to say a few words of kindness to maria and also to the new transportation director. since i've been on the board and been the voice chair helping people with disabilities i certainly appreciate marias help when i had some problems about going into the hospital and also
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i want to thank very much the - for till i didn't see support help when i was told that i wasn't going to the hospital but eventually i will be and i want to say thank you very much to both of the directors for their support, their hope and they're kindness towards me. thank you very much >> thank you. any other member of the public would like to session. >> okay. so we're back in open
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session and i'll wait for people to get seated before continuing okay. i'm pleased to report that the board has discussed and concurred on the issues as ms. chang for the new transportations director no action was taken in closed
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session this gives the chair the authority to negotiate the terms and there are some limitations on compensation otherwise i anticipate that the employment agreement will retain the terms. assuming the resolution is adopted it is for october 1st, 2013, and i want to make sure colleagues, we will not disclose any part of our closed session >> so if someone would move adoption of our resolution motion from commissioner campos. >> mr. chair, i know we're going to move forward with the next session but i want to take
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the opportunity to thank you for the critical role that you have played in the way you've lead this agency through this process. i think we are where we are because of your leadership and it's greatly appreciated and he look forward to hearing from our new executive director but i want to acknowledge your leadership >> thank you. >> commissioner weaning. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i also want to thank you for your leadership in helping to get us through this possess. anytime you congressman leadership you inside to be methodical. i want to commend our outside consultants who worked with us in doing a thorough job i was
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glad about the candidates they brought to us and i'm proud of the process that we all followed. i also want to really i look forward ms. chang to working with you in this capacity but this is a new chapter and i know we're already working together only a few things and i think you're going to be terrific you have my complete support and i view my job and all of the jobs helping to make you an extremely successful executive director. thank you commissioner weaning >> thank you as someone whoet whose notes on the personnel committee but thank you for the


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